After 27 Years, U.S. Delists Sudan From Terrorism State Sponsors

The United States has taken Sudan off the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

This was confirmed by the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum on Monday.

“The Secretary of State has signed a notification stating rescission of Sudan’s State Sponsor of Terrorism designation is effective as of today (December 14), to be published in the Federal Register,” the embassy said in a statement.

Sudan has been on the list since 1993 after the US accused former President, Omar al-Bashir of encouraging and accommodating militants in the country. The U.S. has for 27 years denied Sudan investment and financial assistance.

The latest announcement from Washington follows a 45-day review by the U.S. Congress after President of the United States, Donald Trump announced his desire to see Sudan expunged from the list.

Sudan’s removal from the list has also been linked to new trade ties with Israel, who have a strong economic connection with the US.

Recall that Al-Bashir was ousted from office following weeks of protests by Sudanese citizens. He was President of the country for three decades and was incarcerated on the charges of multiple corruption.


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