Cambodia Arrests Nigerian, Sierra Leonean For Drugs Smuggling

Cambodia authorities have arrested two African nationals and their Cambodian accomplice for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs from the Asian nation to Australia.

Thirty nine years old Ogadimma Igwe Linus, a Nigerian; and a 29-year-old Sierra Leonean, identified as Conth Abdul, were arrested on Tuesday by the Anti-drug Department in Phnom Penh.

The duo were arrested alongside a woman, Han Lis, who is 28.

The suspects were caught while trying to send 993.42 grams of methamphetamine drug to Australia via FEDEX on 6 October.

The drug was hidden inside books.

The operation was coordinated by the Phnom Penh court prosecutor, Soeung Moneyroth.

The suspects and the evidence were sent to the anti-drug department for case preparation.

The trio will face a tough situation in custody. The Asian country has set up a crackdown on drug use, a battle that is ongoing for three years and has witnessed a series of abuse, torture and corruption.

In May, Amnesty International said the Cambodian government’s three-year-long “war on drugs” campaign has fuelled a rising tide of human rights abuses, dangerously overfilled detention facilities. 

Cambodia’s Prime Minister, Hun Sen, launched his anti-drugs campaign in January 2017, just weeks after a state visit by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, during which the two leaders pledged to cooperate in combatting drugs.

Yet, like the Philippines’ so-called “war on drugs”, this campaign is rife with egregious human rights violations that are disproportionately affecting poor and marginalized people – irrespective of whether or not they use drugs, the agency said.


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