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Dadddy Saj, The Anti-corruption Singer3 minutes read

Samagbeyi afolasade



Just like Falz of the giant of Africa, Nigeria, there are other African singers who have taken to their music careers and singing to expose the ills of the community and expose corruption in hopes of eradication of the deadly continental disease, Corruption. Here is another African singer who practices this act.

Joseph Gerald Adolphus Cole, better known by his stage name Daddy Saj is a Sierra Leonean rapper and arguably the biggest and most famous musician from Sierra Leone. He uses his music to address political corruption and general corruption in Sierra Leone. His rap is a blend of hip hop and traditional goombay music. While his music is mostly in Krio, Sierra Leone’s national language, he does also performs in English. His first album ‘Corruption e do so’ (meaning in Krio, corruption is enough) struck a chord not only in Sierra Leone, but across Africa.

Daddy Saj was born in 1978 in Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone to Creole parents. At the age of eight, the young Daddy Saj joined his church choir, where he was one of the most talented singers. In his teens he found inspiration from some American based Hip hop artists.

Daddy Saj fled Sierra Leone as a refugee and moved to Conakry, Guinea in 1997 when the government of the then-president Ahmad Tejan Kabbah was ousted by a group of soldiers in the Sierra Leonean army. He did this in order to save himself from being kidnapped as a child soldier. While in Guinea, he became more ingrained in music, and became friends with many other musicians from West Africa.

When he return to Freetown, he linked up with one of Sierra Leone’s most famous musicians and producers Jimmy B (born Jimmy Bangura). Jimmy B signed him to his Paradise Family label. Jimmy B had already had good exposure in music internationally. Jimmy was a pioneer in promoting Sierra Leone music to the outside world. As Daddy Saj put it “…so for me it was a great privilege to work with him, it was like being in a furnace; purifying myself for the tasks ahead [laughter].” Daddy Saj recorded several hit songs with the Paradise Family. He then left Paradise Family in 2003 to start his own label, Daddy Saj Entertainment.

His debut album ‘Corruption’ was released in 2003, and quickly became a bestseller not only in Sierra Leone, but throughout many countries in Africa. Many Sierra Leoneans welcomed the song ‘Corruption E Do So’ (meaning in Krio “Corruption is Enough is Enough”) at a time when corrupt practices by authorities and had become rampant in the country. The song spread like wild fire in terms of the rate of airplay on radio stations, as well as its rotation in street bars, pubs and restaurants.

However the airplay of the song did not last long. Some top government officials, including some members of parliament and ministers publicly announced their opinion that the song contained words which did not reflect the reality of the government of Sierra Leone. They warned that the song could become a catalyst for public unrest.

Even though the Sierra Leone Anti-corruption Commission started to use the song as their theme in the fight against corruption – and even sponsored the distribution of it, politicians called for a ban of the song. Also, rumours started going around that there was a five million Leones price tag on for his arrest.

His second album Densay Densay (meaning ‘Rumours, Rumours’ in Krio), also aimed to change some social attitudes, those towards sexual harassment. The album talks about women in Sierra Leone who often have no choice but to sleep with their employers to keep their jobs and support their family. His third album named ‘Faya 4 Faya’ was also an instant hit throughout West Africa.

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I Know What It Means To Be In Pain And To Lose A Loved One – D’banj

Samagbeyi afolasade



Nigerian Afrobeats star D’banj says he can relate to one being in pain, and when one loses a loved one, hence, he can relate to what Nigerians are going through at the moment in his words, “I know what it means to be in pain, , to lose a child and a loved one,so I know the pain my brothers and sisters are going through and my heart is heavy

“I pray God grants us the healing and restoration we so deeply need in our country and that our lights can once again shine
As a Nigerian youth,I try my best to never give up especially when it seems the hardest, so I urge you to do the same”
Dbanj who is very much instrumental to boosting the popularity of the Nigerian music industry globally says he stands with the Nigerian youth and for the cause which they are fighting for. Considering joining the protest, Dbanj asks for the location of the protest in Abuja.

“I stand in solidarity with the Nigerian youth. I stand for restructuring of the Nation system
On that note,we move, we never give up,till we get to the top of the world!
ABUJA ;pls where is the location for the ?? #ReformtheNation #EndSars”

Mon June 25, 2018 Dbanj lost his only son in a drowning incident, according to local media. His late sonDaniel Oyebanjo III, who had only just turned one in May of that year- 2018, reportedly died in a swimming pool at the singer’s Lagos home.

It’s evident that Dbanj still feels the loss of his son, because till now D’banj has not made a single comment addressing the death directly, he only posted a black background on his Instagram page with the caption: “Trying times but my God is Always and Forever Faithful.”

D’banj, who was 38 years old then, was not in the country when the incident occurred. He was in Los Angeles for the BET Awards, but had to hurriedly fly back to Nigeria to be with his wife, Lineo Kilgrow.
Two months after the incident, the artiste dedicated a song to his wife.

In August, 2019 during an interview in London , D’banj said that he never thought he would ever lose a child and that the sad incident really broke him. During this same interview, the Nigerian superstar singer thanked everyone that supported him and his wife throughout the trying time.

He said, “First, I want to thank everyone out there who has supported us, but the truth is in everything we do we need to give thanks to God and more importantly, I believe there is God that granted me the grace and mercy over my family and my wife to be able to be here today. It’s not something you wish for your worst enemy. To lose a child is not something you think about, and I have never thought about it before.”

He also revealed that he only attended therapy once with his wife but stopped going after it “brought up a lot. “If I told you I thought about it, unlike other things you asked me and I told you I am focused and I go in, this was one that broke me. It was just that it just took the grace of God and a bit of therapy. I think I went for therapy once and I said this no be my style because it was bringing out so many things.”

It was then D’banj announced that he was expecting another son, when asked about how he coped with the difficulty of losing a child. “I am going to be a father in a few months after praying for restoration after the sad incident. And we are expecting a boy,” the singer had revealed.

In September 19, 2019, Lineo Didi Kilgrow gave birth to a bouncing baby boy in United States of America. News of the birth triggered excitement on social media as report of the baby’s arrival filtered online.

The singer, whose real name is Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, was one of the frontrunners of the new wave of Nigeria’s popular music style, Afrobeats, and had a global hit in 2012 with his infectious hit “Oliver Twist.”

The award-winning video featured a cameo from Kanye West and has been viewed 53 million times on YouTube.

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“There are More Stories Of Nigerian Police Attacking People, Than Them Protecting People” – Simi Kosoko

Samagbeyi afolasade



Following the ongoing #ENDSARS protests happening in Nigeria, singer and songwriter Simi Kosoko has taken to her Twitter to rant about the failed system of governance in Nigeria. From talking about how Nigeria is perceived and even the generalisation of Africa by the Westerners, to bribery and corruption and even the impunity , Simi has refused to be silent.

“When you think about Nigeria, you get mad. So much potential for growth. I hate it when ignorant people think of Africa and believe we’re all malnourished children that need saving from the West or that we’re all like Tarzan. But the ball is in our court. Always has been”

The Duduke crooner talks of the older generation always demanding respects but have done absolutely nothing to making sure that they earn the respect they so much desire, and what’s worse ? They do not have respect for the lives of Nigerians.
They wanna die on “call me uncle” and “am I your mate”. You’ve not earned our respect though. It’s not enough that you’re old(er). You don’t respect us and our lives. So ditto.”

Speaking specifically to those in power, Simi has advised those that were elected to power by the people, to leave if they see that they are incapable of doing their jobs appropriately. In her words,
”You begged people to vote for u and then you looked away. Anything you accept for the Nigerian people should be something you would also accept for yourself and your children. That’s what a true leader is. And if you cannot do the job, get the fuck! #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria

The Impunity is disgusting. People will continue to do whatever you let them get away with. Even if these damn leaders don’t have conscience, don’t they have sense? Rubbish! #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria

Every year new budget. Billions allocated to things that never get done!

Health? Zero
Education? Zero
Electricity? Zero

Only wickedness will make u see ur people suffering like this and u can still sleep at night. If u cannot do the job, GET THE FUCK!

Budget money for the same road 20 times. Doctors doing surgery in Govt hospitals with phone torchlight. Many SS3 students in public schools can’t even speak one correct sentence in English. Cos u can do check up in London? Cos ur children are schooling in New York? U’re wicked!”

Speaking on bribery and corruption, Simi highlights some sectors where it is almost impossible for them to render their services without receiving something in return.
“Nigerians are so used to suffering now that they think it’s normal. If you don’t have money to “give someone” to get what you actually deserve, there’s almost no chance for progress. Bribe is not even bribe, it’s just survival.
To get treatment in hospital, oga bring somtin
You enter airport, madam bring somtin
To get out of jail for a crime you didn’t commit, brother bring somtin
To get admission you already earned when you passed the damn exam, sister bring somtin
A disgrace! #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria”

Everyday innocent people are dying. The disregard and lack of value for human life is astounding. You won’t even acknowledge them? Because u don’t know them? Because the tears of their mothers and fathers don’t matter to u? U’re wicked. History and posterity will judge u harshly!

To think that there are tons and tons more stories of the Nigerian Police attacking people than there are of them actually protecting people. God save us. #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera” She says 

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Reekado Banks Unfollows Wizkid On Instagram

Samagbeyi afolasade



Nigerian singer, Reekado Banks has unfollowed Wizkid on Instagram. This happened shortly after Wizkid called him out for promoting a song in the midst of all that is going on in Nigeria.

Wizkid blasted the former Mavin signee- Reekado Banks, for trying to release a song they did together and promote the song during the EndSars protest.
Reekado Banks took to his Twitter to announce his new single he titled ‘Omo Ologo’ which featured Wizkid . He announced that the song would be out earlier that day, Wizkid seemed not to be having it, as he warned Reekado Banks to delete his Tweet.

Reekado Banks used the hashtag of the EndSars protest to promote his tweet and Wizkid was swift to call Reekado a fool and a clout chasing animal, who wants to use the #ENDSARS Protests to gain clout.

Wizkid later deleted his tweet, but Reekado seems to have drawn a battle line as he unfollowed Wizkid Ayo Balogun.

Wizkid was forced to move the release date of his fourth studio album “Made In Lagos” because of the unrest going on in Nigeria. Wizkid revealed that his album, ‘Made In Lagos’ which was set to be released on October 15, 2020, has now been postponed.
The music star gave out this information about his album on Twitter, after a fan asked him if he will still going to drop the album on the 15th of October, and he replied, “Not yet !! Mad times!!”

The “Mad times” Wizkid mentioned in his tweet apparently refers to the #EndSARS protests currently going on in Nigeria. He was also a part of the protest in London, where fans said he calmed an increasingly unsettled crowd in front of the British council.

Wizkid has been a strong voice in the ongoing #ENDSARS protest, so much that, Wiz’s first son, Tife, shared a powerful photo and video of Wizkid at the protest, with a caption explaining how proud he was of his father’s actions.

The post reads: “Go Daddy, That’s my Daddy. My Papa, My Hero. So proud of you and all that you do Dad. Steady setting the pace so high and being an inspiration to me and everyone all around the world. We appreciate you and all that you do in public and especially in private. I pray that God keeps guiding and blessing you with the wisdom to be and do even more great things. Love you forever Dad.”

Wizkid also recently said in a conversation with Kojo Ebron, that this fight is for his kids and generations to come, highlighting some of the hiccups in Nigeria; he said, “Nigeria do not have 24-7 electricity, and those who cannot afford generators, have to stay in darkness… I have people back home working for me everyday, imagine I’m in London or America and my producers are calling me that they have just been stopped by the police, just because they don’t believe they work for me…. we’ve been silent enough, because of this fear that they have instilled in us”

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