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Dele Giwa: Heroes Don’t Die, They Look On



Dele Giwa: Heroes Don't Die

In Nigeria, it is extremely difficult for the children of the common man to rise and shine. It takes hard work that is twice as much as the normal, and an extremely good talent to thrive.

 This ladder of greatness and difficulties was climbed by Dele Giwa, son of a laundry man and he became one of the most loved heroes of journalism in Nigeria. Fate was cruel to Giwa, but it had excused him for some years to leave a mark indelible enough for Nigerians to remember him thirty-nine years after his demise. 

The nature of the death of the former publisher and founder of Newswatch is one that will never be forgotten by Nigerians. In a period when the military went over the confines of human rights to dish out savagery, Giwa stood, critiqued and criticised when necessary without a tinge of fear. He made the Ibrahim Babangida government stand on its toes and that was what they hated him for. Oppressors hardly love to be questioned and this, Giwa did glowingly, when it was of utmost necessity. 

Many stories have been told about his death and not a single one of them described him less than the excellent man he was. Even in death, his great works are still seen wide and far, sparking courage in the modern journalist and daring the younger generation to question oppression. 

The truth is what many people, especially those in authority don’t like to hear but it is what always stands the valiant out. It is the forte of the best journalists in every generation and it is the hope of the common man. Giwa came from the common clan but wrote his name in gold, with his talent, penchant for the truth and love for his people. 

He died at the young age of 39 but had done enough to live far longer than his presence – the rare reward of a hero; immortality. Not much has changed since Giwa left the surface of the earth, in fact, he will be rolling in his grave to see the current state of his darling country. Nigeria is far worse than Giwa left it and the legacy he built has not been really followed, most thankfully to a very media-stifling government. 

Giwa’s biggest achievement was putting the government on its toes, and he showed precepts of how to become better citizens without selling one’s soul. His presence sparked courage for the populace and his death left many more with clenched fists, but struck by their powerlessness at the face of powerful, careless and disregarding leaders. 

Today, some journalists have trailed Giwa’s path, revealing stories out of the needle’s eye and putting their careers, and sometimes lives on the line to tell the truth, reveal the details and spill the beans. Their courage, and hope, like Giwa’s is to see a better Nigeria, and they’ve shown a relentless poise to ensure this becomes a success. 

More importantly, Nigerians have grown more courageous, are telling their own stories and are the investigative journalists themselves. A lot has changed since Giwa’s death, for worse, but the little that has changed for better leaves a mark of belief in the fact that, the son of a common man will someday change the course and cause of this great country, like the great Dele changed journalism and his country. 

His stories are still much present and the narratives he painted in the past now strike Nigerians at every turn and in every corner. The Nigeria he so much desired is yet to be, but there may be light at the end of this long tunnel so Dele must watch on. Heroes don’t die, they look on.


Kampala To Host 2021 MAMA Awards



MTV Africa has announced that its music awards in 2021 will be hosted in Kampala, Uganda.

The music television station made the announcement on Wednesday in a conference held simultaneously in South Africa and Uganda.

MAMA Awards 2021 is to be hosted in partnership with Uganda “The Pearl of Africa”.

The announcement of venue of the award was disclosed in a virtual press conference broadcast from Johannesburg and Kampala by Monde Twala and Craig Paterson, Senior Vice Presidents and General Managers at ViacomCBS Networks Africa (VCNA), The State Minister for Tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda at Ugandan Ministry of Tourism and CEO of the Ugandan Tourism Board, Lilly Ajarova.

The Question and Answer session featured Ugandan music stars, Sheebah Karungi, Bebe Cool and South African rapper, Nasty C.

Monde Twala, Senior Vice President of VCNA said: “We are excited to bring this amazing showcase to audiences across the continent and globally with an innovatively re-imagined awards show and celebration.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, content production has embraced innovation as the new gold and we are excited to take Africa to the World and showcase its immense talent and culture as we stage the biggest music awards show on the continent.”

See Categories in MAMA awards;

  1. Best Female
  2. Best Male
  3. Best Group
  4. Best Breakthrough Act
  5. Best Collaboration
  6. Best Hip Hop
  7. Best Alternative
  8. Best Ugandan Act
  9. Best Lusophone Act
  10. Best Francophone Act
  11. Best International Act
  12. Video of the Year
  13. Song of The Year
  14. Artist of the Year
  15. Alone Together Lockdown Performance
  16. Listeners Choice
  17. Best Fan-Base Award
  18. Personality of the Year
  19. MAMA Legend Award
  20. MAMA Generation Change Award

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East Africa News

Tigray Crisis: Ethiopian PM Warns Against International Interference



Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has warned the international community against interfering in its battle with Tigray.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Ethiopian forces have been locked in a battle since the 4th of November.

Ahmed’s warning to the international community is coming on the back of the planned visit by Aftican Union Envoys. The AU has since called for a peaceful resolution as it tries to mediate in the running battle.

The Tigrayan crisis has seen TPLF forces and the Ethiopian Army exchange hostilities. At least, 41,000 Ethiopians have been forces to leave for Sudan. The UN says that number will rise to 1million should the war last long for 6 months.

Ethiopian and Tigrayan forces have laid claims to taking pounds of flesh from each other, as civilians continue to live in fear.

The UN has warned the Ethiopian government against hurting civilians in Mekelle, Tigray capital with over 500,000 residents. Ahmed has insisted that there will be no dialogues between Ethiopia and the TPLF.

Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa and the most populous in the Horn of Africa.

The international community has warned the warring parties about the economic dangers of a war in the country.

Tigray, the northern part of Ethiopia with aboutn5 million residents, is the politically strongest region in the world.

The TPLF accused Ethiopia of bias when it postponed the Presidential election in August over COVID-19.

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Nigeria’s Petroleum Industry Bill Pass second Reading in Lower House



The Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) has passed the second reading in Nigeria’s House of Representatives. The lawmakers passed the widely anticipated bill on Tuesday upon their resumption of plenary.

The revised legislation, which is an executive bill, amongst other things seeks to scrap the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and the Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA).

The PIB was sponsored by the House Leader, Alhassan Doguwa. Controversies had trailed the bill for years following unsuccessful attempts to pass them into law. Moving the motion for the second reading of the PIB, Doguwa said that the bill, when passed, would create jobs and also address security challenges in the country. He said it would tackle kidnapping, banditry, and terrorism.

Lending his voice to the debate, the minority leader, Ndudi Elumelu, said the passage of the bill was long overdue.

He said the house would give it speedy consideration because green energy has made oil almost useless.

Also, the chairman of the PIB ad-hoc committee, Tahir Monguno, said the present composition of NNPC makes it difficult for the oil sector to thrive.

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