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Ghana moves to end dreams of ‘Western Togoland’

We are in a democratic state, and you don’t just arrest people because you think they have an intention to demonstrate



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With his white hair and walking stick, Charles Kormi Kudzordzi does not look like the leader of a revolutionary separatist movement seeking to forge a new West African nation.

Even his supporters call the frail 85-year old “Papavi”, or grandfather.

But Ghana’s security forces are not taking any chances.

A joint police and military operation cracked down this month on a group that said it was preparing to declare its own nation in the eastern Volta region bordering Togo.

Soldiers blocked roads and stormed houses, arresting 89 people across the region, most of them around the town of Ho, 150 kilometres (93 miles) northeast of Ghana’s capital Accra.

The separatists, members of the innocuous-sounding “Homeland Study Group Foundation”, or HSGF, call their dream country “Western Togoland”.

“We are not leaving anything to chance,” said Prince Dogbatse, Volta region police spokesman. “We’re on high alert… to protect the territorial boundaries of Ghana.”

Police say the group not only has an anthem, constitution and flag, but is also training a militia force.

The Volta region is also a stronghold of Ghana’s main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

‘Storm in a tea cup’

A video taken by a local journalist of the arrests shows Kudzordzi leaning heavily on a carved wooden stick, flanked by men in combat helmets and automatic rifles leading him towards a military helicopter.

The retired teacher pauses, as if out of breath, before getting in.

Kudzordzi was flown to the confines of the high-security walls of Ghana’s Bureau of National Investigations in Accra, accused, with seven other men, of being the group’s leaders, and charged with treason.

They risk the death penalty if found guilty.

Kudzordzi – who was granted bail but could not meet the conditions – will next appear in court on May 22 with his co-accused.

A further 81 supporters have been released on bail on illegal gathering charges.

Separatists say the Volta area has a unique history and culture and warrants being its own country, but reject accusations of planning violence to achieve their goal.

“Our activities have always been in the open,” the fugitive secretary of HSGF, George Nyakpo, told AFP.

Local lawmaker Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor accused police of heavy-handedness.

“We are in a democratic state, and you don’t just arrest people because you think they have an intention to demonstrate,” said Dafeamekpor.

“It’s a storm in a tea cup.”

‘Sovereignty lost to rigging’

The region’s problems are deeply rooted in divisions created by its colonial past.

During the so-called “Scramble for Africa”, Britain seized much of what is today Ghana, while Germany grabbed areas to the east, then Togoland.

After Germany’s defeat in World War One, Togoland was split west-east between Britain and France.

When Britain abandoned its empire in 1956, Ghana was among the first African colonies to gain freedom. The people of British Togoland were given a choice between Ghana and Togo, and Britain said nearly two-thirds opted to incorporate their area into Ghana.

Separatists say that vote was rigged.

“It was the craftiness of Britain… that deprived us of our self-rule and sovereignty,” the HSGF said in a statement last year.

Bigger than Lesotho

If Western Togoland were a country, it would be home to millions of people and possibly rich in oil and gold reserves.

Multiple ethnic groups live in the area; Christians, Muslims, and followers of voodoo.

Separatists say the territory is a strip 550 kilometres (340 miles) long and 60 kilometres wide — stretching from the border with Burkina Faso in the north to the Gulf of Guinea, sandwiched between Ghana and Togo.

UN documents from 1955 estimate then-British Togoland at 33,776 square kilometres (13,041 square miles) – slightly bigger than Lesotho.

But while the colonial-era area was landlocked, separatists today claim access to the sea.

Historians reject a claim by separatists that in 1956 the people of Togoland were promised another referendum after 50 years.

“It is not true,” said Professor Wilson Yayoh, from Ghana’s University of Cape Coast.

Long history of Togoland

Backers of Western Togoland claim widespread support, but many in Volta seem suspicious.

“Their mission is impossible,” said trader Doris Mawusi. “Ghana is our homeland and we are here to stay.”

“We don’t trust these HSGF people,” said Joseph Doe, a 57-year-old fisherman. “They are pursuing their parochial interests. What track record do they have to rule over us?”

The separatists began campaigning in 1972 as the “National Liberation Movement of Togoland”, dominated by the Ewe tribal group.

Their calls to renegotiate borders sparked tensions between Ghana and Togo, and in 1976, Accra banned the group.

Back then, US diplomatic cables said the government was “unusually sensitive to Ewe separatist challenges, which may be real or imaginary”.

Today, the issue seems to cause no less twitchiness in the Ghanaian capital.


Wizkid Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before | A Day in the Life



Ever wondered what your favorite musicians gets up to in a day ?, Youtube partnered with Wizkid to bring a three-hour live-stream starring Wizkid culminating in a full-on, alongside a live interactive performance.

A day in the live was hosted by Julie Adenuga a British radio presenter, Maleek Berry was also present, and a day in the live began with Wizkid in his recording studio, where he made music right on the live show.

Wizkid’s 3rd baby mama, Jeda P who doubles as his manager of Starboy entertainment was also there with their son Zion. We saw Wizkid grant iterviews, be a great dad to Zion, and even eat. His chef revealed that Wizkid’s best food is jollof rice and lots of meat.
Then finally the performance, it was flawless. He was joind by Skepta at some point on stage where they sang ”bad energy”, and the synergy was amazing, and the energy was different.

Wizkid Trended number 1 Worldwide , number 1 in Nigeria, number 1 in the United Kingdom, number 2 in Canada, number 2 in Scotland, number 2 in UAE, number 10 in the United States, number 1 in Ghana, number 3 in South Africa, number 1 in Cameroon that night.

Twitter went wild that night, as Joro, MIL, Ojuelegba, Skepta, jada, zion trended. Here are some of the comments;

”The entire Naija twitter trend table bar one or two other topics is about Wizkid and his show Flexed bicepsDizzy symbol⭐

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”Wizkid and skepta performance on #WizKidLiveYT was my favorite performance.
The energy was different..”

wizzy get packaging sha the vibes from the studio to the crib and finally hitting the stage is just sensational”

”Wizkid is Born to do this. From Sound to the Live Section band. Hi Definition Ambience Quality. Am really Proud of

”Round of applause to my guy
Clapping hands sign Clapping hands sign – Literally brought the whole world together with #WizKidLiveYT Earth globe americasFlag of NigeriaEagle Folded hands – Loved it!!”

”WizKid adds #ENDSARS as he tweaks Ojuelegba a little bit. Lai Mohammed will soon withdraw his singing license. #WizKidLiveYT”

”Wizkid played like a cool, calm, collected & accomplished fellow with nothing to prove to anyone. Really love that vibe. #WizKidLiveYT”

”#WizKidLiveYT I was mesmerised Pleading faceand never got tired watching Machala EagleCrownGoatRed heart tonight is one of the greatest legendary performance ever no cap Billed cap

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Omah Lay Takes A Sober Walk Down Memory Lane As He Releases New EP



Talented Nigerian singer and songwriter; Omah Lay has just released his EP, titled ”What have we done”, and it is trending as number 3 in Nigeria. This is his second EP in eight months.

”Get Layd”, Omah Lay’s last EP, which without argument produced at least three smash hits and is on the lips of almost every Nigerian, in deed, we were ”layd”, and to think the EP was just five tracks long. Eight monhs later, Omah Lay and his team up at Keyqaad have decided to bless us with another body of work.
“What Have We Done” becomes his first body of work under Warner Music Group to which he recently signed.

Not used to being a ”celebrity” , yet grateful for his journey and how things panned out to be, Omah lay takes to write:

”This time last year I was holed up in my tiny room singing my guts out, not knowing if people would ever hear or even appreciate these songs.
Fast forward few months later, those songs came together to become an EP titled ‘Get Layd’ and that shit changed my life!!!
I see myself everywhere, hear myself everywhere, feels great! Everything I ever wished for…
But with it went the simple things of life Man facepalming, I miss being Stanley!!! Got me asking myself sometimes WHAT HAVE WE DONE???!!! Don’t mind me, this shit is still new to me.

I like to think that I have grown since the last time you heard from me and I’m sure you’d hear that from my music”

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My Signee Mayorkun is Bigger Than Wizkid And Burnaboy – Davido



One of the biggest artistes in Nigeria; Davido told The shade room who is biggest artiste in Africa is, and his reply has to be the biggest flex of 2020. The DMW boss during an interview was asked who he felt was the biggest global artiste between him, Burna Boy and Wizkid, and Davido replied that the biggest artiste is Mayorkun.

The DMW boss said his signee, Mayorkun, was the biggest and went ahead to spell his name for the interviewer. He added that he was Mayorkun of Lagos.

Here are some things instagram users have to say about this confident remark
”Smart answer! 😂 Honestly they need to stop putting Davido in this difficult position all the time. Ko make sense”

”OBO is the biggest artist in Africa take it or leave it. Gather here if you love Davido!!!”
”The wizkid I know won’t respond 😂dude no dey stress himself”

”His reply shock the lady😂😂. Take them unawares”

”This one LOUD ohh. Mayorkun self go fear wherever e Dey now. The title too much for ram”

Mayorkun is one of the artists discovered by Davido – The Eleko singer was the first artist under Davido Music Worldwide label in 2016 – After releasing his latest album, A Better Time, Davido thanks God for the day he found Mayorkun.
Davido who just released his highly anticipated third studio album A Better Time has praised one of the artists on his music label Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) Mayorkun. Mayorkun who was born Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel to actor parents shared a video of himself singing to Davido’s latest album, A Better Time, and at the same time, praising him for blessing Nigerians with lovely and great music.
In replying to Mayorkun’s video, the FEM singer thanked God for the day he found Mayorkun who has now turned to be his friend and one of the best artists on his label.

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