GHOne TV Anchor, Jazzi Sangari Would Rather Spend Money on a Ring Than a Wedding

The Ghone Tv news anchor, Yazzi Sangari, lends her voice to the conversation on the necessity of spending huge amounts of money on wedding ceremonies.

Yazzi Sangari said she would rather spend her money on an expensive diamond ring or an expensive gold ring whose value will go up over time. 

During the conversation, Hiplife Grandpapa Reggie Rockstone and his wife Zilla Limann asserted to the belief that weddings are a waste of money. 

Conversing with the blogger, Zion Felix, the couple who people have tagged ”relationship goals”, and ”couple goals”, said  in their view, white weddings are unnecessary and a total waste of money and other resources. Then Yazzi Sangria added that she expects just her mother, her father, her husband and her in-laws at her wedding.

According to her, ”I am not spending my money for people to just chop and eat at my wedding. My wedding is me, my husband, my mother, my dad, and my in-laws and that’s it ”

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She went on to say, ”personally, and this is just for me, the money I will spend on a wedding, I will spend it on a ring, because if the ring is made out of real diamonds, and real gold, it will actually appreciate, the value will go up”

Hiplife Grandpapa Reggie Rockstone and his wife Zilla Limann whose marriage people idolize say that marriage is a journey, and this journey should be fun and interesting and that there is no marriage without its own ups and downs. 

Zilla and Rockstone who have been together for over 20 years said they never had a marriage ceremony and that wedding is not a  necessary venture.

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Zilla Limann added she does not believe in weddings, and that they did not even organize a big ceremony for their white wedding.

The on-air personality could not have agreed more with this couple, as she takes her stance in having a low key wedding.

Just a few days to this discussion, The Star FM 103.5 presenter had taken to Twitter to say she has never understood big weddings with tiny rings.

Yazzi Sangari seems to be taking the whole wedding and ring thing too personally, as she took to her Instagram page to confirm what she had already said on air, but this time, adding a twist to it. ”I never understood big weddings with little rings. It just does not make sense. A marriage is between two families, I don’t see the need for huge weddings. I would rather invest in a ring, our house or a college fund for our future kids”

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The news anchor and presenter believes in securing the bag for the future, as opposed to spending it on a day’s celebration where people will just ”chop” and leave.

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