Glory Osei and Muyiwa Folorunsho: another case of undercover fraudsters?

Twitter handle @therealada_ replied the tweet levelling accusations of fraud against the entrepreneurs
Glory Osei & Muyiwa

Nigeria’s twitter community was hustling and bustling with Glory Osei’s story on Monday. Who is Glory Osei and why was she trending? Glory Osei is a Nigerian social media celebrity and self-acclaimed International Procurement Expert. According to her Instagram bio, she co-founded Landlagos, Porkmoney, Porkoyum, Hyperfactory and founded Femfunds. All corporate entities.

All was going smoothly for Osei until she advertised two job openings in her company Hyperfactory, on her twitter handle on Monday, 21 October. No sooner had she tweeted about the jobs, a Twitter handle @therealada_ replied the tweet levelling accusations of fraud against the entrepreneur, her husband Muyiwa and the various companies the duo floated. 

Osei’s ex-employee, Ada revealed that she had worked with the couple who elaborately concealed their marriage from their social media followers. In her tweets, she narrated how Osei’s husband Muyiwa fraudulently sold many plots of land to people with defective titles. Lands that were later reallocated to some other persons by the government. The ex-employee went further to accuse the couple of running a Ponzi-styled Pork business and selling fake hair to women.

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The ex-employee also narrated the poor treatment she and her former colleagues suffered in the hands of Osei who she described as a rude, high-handed boss. She further disclosed how the couple would randomly deduct huge part of their salaries for minor work offences like late coming. According to her, Osei’s presence commanded fear from all the staff as one could easily be relieved of one’s duties for the most insignificant reasons.  

These revelations appeared shocking to many because of the saint-like life Osei made her followers on social media believe she lived. In fact, many young people admired her business acumen and entrepreneurial skills, aspiring to be just like her. This is not the first time a prominent figure that many have looked up to would turn out to be either confirmed or alleged to be fraudulent.

Recall that months ago, a certain Invictus Obi trended when he was declared wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for running a wire-transfer syndicate that defrauded hundreds of Americans millions of dollars.

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Invictus Obi carefully concealed his criminal activities from the public while marketing himself as a very hardworking gentleman who, by dint of hard work, has achieved what many people of his age can only dream of. When he was finally disgraced many were left bewildered.

These crop of people dish out motivational quotes and tips on how-to-make-money. They flood Instagram and Facebook with pictures of their opulent lifestyles; holidays in Ibiza, Santorini, Aruba and the best destinations in Africa and the world; buy expensive automobiles, fly business class, lodge in high-end hotels and don designer wears. A young follower, after seeing the flaunted affluence, starts questioning the very essence of his or her existence. The impact? Crime triple in the society, suicide rate increases!

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It is about time the government regulate working conditions in private workplaces. How some private organizations treat their workers is nothing to write home about. Sometimes, there is no clear distinction between some of these jobs and what many would call slavery. An employer should not wake up one morning and decide to slash the salary of his or her employment by half because the employee spilt water on the floor! 

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Again, these employees should be properly sensitized on their rights and duties as employees. Let them understand the implications of the inclusion or omission of certain vital clauses in the contractual agreement.

Finally, these allegations of fraud should be investigated and necessary actions taken by the relevant authorities. More than just venting on social media, the accuser and her ex-colleagues should come out and make a proper case of this issue.

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