”I Didn’t Buy Airtel Vote to Support Kiddwaya” – Billionaire Terry Waya

Nigerian journalist, Dele Momodu interviews billionaire  Terry Waya on his Instagram. While exchanging pleasantries, Terry Waya shared that he walks an average of 40 km every day, and when it rains, he goes on a treadmill. Dele Momodu played the Billionaire’s favourite song which happens to be ”penalty’’ by Small Doctor. Both the Billionaire and Dele Momodu… grooved a while before continuing with the interview 

Dele Momodu said just before Kiddwaya went into the Big brother’s house, Terry Waya had called to inform him and his first reaction was ”what does he want there?”

The statement ”the closer people are to us, the less of them we know” was used by Dele Momodu when he said naysayers were asking what the billionaire’s son wants to use the platform for since his father has got the money already.

The billionaire who had trended days before for wearing a wristwatch which was about the price the winner of Big brother Naija season 5 would be going home with, said, he never knew that his son was going to the reality Tv show, because it looked like they were playing cycles around him, and that prior to this season, he had heard about the show, but he had never watched it.

The proud father said, usually, Kid waya handles all the responsibilities in the house, from the kitchen to even making the payments of school fees of his siblings, and that he always had his card. 

As he relays the story of his son leaving the house without telling him, he mentioned how one of his friends has arranged an aircraft to take him to Lagos, without his knowledge. He said when his son mentioned the idea of Big brother to his hearing, he didn’t give him an audience at all.

He mentioned that he is indeed pleased by the way Nigerians have come out to support his support, and based on popular belief, a lot of people think BBN is a poverty alleviation scheme, and they feel the well to do should not stand a chance at being in the show, but for Kidd waya things have been very different, and they are judging him based on the perception they have of Kidd Waya. In his words, ”I have never been impressed by Nigerians like I am right now, with the way they have treated my son, regardless of whether I am a good person or a bad person, they have not judged my son based on that”.

He goes ahead to thank the people supporting his son, and those that are voting as well. He says nobody can buy the Big brother Naija show, and it is with their collective support and their votes that is keeping his son there. Debunking the rumour that he bought airtel Nigeria, and that Kidd still being in the house, has nothing to do with him.

Kiddwaya trended last night after revealing his father flew 14 state governors for his 40th birthday in  2003. Dele Momodu went ahead to show proof of that on the  Instagram live interview.

When asked what his expectations are, the billionaire said, ”my expectations are that Kidd has two things that he is so passionate about; the plight of young women that go through rape as he is has been championing the rights of women to be heard, and I know if he wins, he would use part of that money to support agencies or humanitarian services that help rape victims. And he also very interested of the fate of the people in iGBs, he would use part of that money to help abandoned people in IGbs and whatever is left, I’m sure he would empower the Youths. I really want him to win it, but even if he does not win it. The love and support by Nigerians is enough”.

When asked if he is looking to be a father in law, since his son has been romantically involved with someone in the house, he says he is fine by it, that it does not matter the culture, and that whosoever his son chooses is fine by him.

He ends the interview by thanking the fans, His son’s media team and coordinator, and Nigerians in general.


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