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”I Didn’t Buy Airtel Vote to Support Kiddwaya” – Billionaire Terry Waya



Nigerian journalist, Dele Momodu interviews billionaire  Terry Waya on his Instagram. While exchanging pleasantries, Terry Waya shared that he walks an average of 40 km every day, and when it rains, he goes on a treadmill. Dele Momodu played the Billionaire’s favourite song which happens to be ”penalty’’ by Small Doctor. Both the Billionaire and Dele Momodu… grooved a while before continuing with the interview 

Dele Momodu said just before Kiddwaya went into the Big brother’s house, Terry Waya had called to inform him and his first reaction was ”what does he want there?”

The statement ”the closer people are to us, the less of them we know” was used by Dele Momodu when he said naysayers were asking what the billionaire’s son wants to use the platform for since his father has got the money already.

The billionaire who had trended days before for wearing a wristwatch which was about the price the winner of Big brother Naija season 5 would be going home with, said, he never knew that his son was going to the reality Tv show, because it looked like they were playing cycles around him, and that prior to this season, he had heard about the show, but he had never watched it.

The proud father said, usually, Kid waya handles all the responsibilities in the house, from the kitchen to even making the payments of school fees of his siblings, and that he always had his card. 

As he relays the story of his son leaving the house without telling him, he mentioned how one of his friends has arranged an aircraft to take him to Lagos, without his knowledge. He said when his son mentioned the idea of Big brother to his hearing, he didn’t give him an audience at all.

He mentioned that he is indeed pleased by the way Nigerians have come out to support his support, and based on popular belief, a lot of people think BBN is a poverty alleviation scheme, and they feel the well to do should not stand a chance at being in the show, but for Kidd waya things have been very different, and they are judging him based on the perception they have of Kidd Waya. In his words, ”I have never been impressed by Nigerians like I am right now, with the way they have treated my son, regardless of whether I am a good person or a bad person, they have not judged my son based on that”.

He goes ahead to thank the people supporting his son, and those that are voting as well. He says nobody can buy the Big brother Naija show, and it is with their collective support and their votes that is keeping his son there. Debunking the rumour that he bought airtel Nigeria, and that Kidd still being in the house, has nothing to do with him.

Kiddwaya trended last night after revealing his father flew 14 state governors for his 40th birthday in  2003. Dele Momodu went ahead to show proof of that on the  Instagram live interview.

When asked what his expectations are, the billionaire said, ”my expectations are that Kidd has two things that he is so passionate about; the plight of young women that go through rape as he is has been championing the rights of women to be heard, and I know if he wins, he would use part of that money to support agencies or humanitarian services that help rape victims. And he also very interested of the fate of the people in iGBs, he would use part of that money to help abandoned people in IGbs and whatever is left, I’m sure he would empower the Youths. I really want him to win it, but even if he does not win it. The love and support by Nigerians is enough”.

When asked if he is looking to be a father in law, since his son has been romantically involved with someone in the house, he says he is fine by it, that it does not matter the culture, and that whosoever his son chooses is fine by him.

He ends the interview by thanking the fans, His son’s media team and coordinator, and Nigerians in general.


The Youth Excellence Awards



The Youth Excellence Awards (YEA), Ghana, is an awards scheme which celebrates exceptional and outstanding youth in Ghana. Those who strive to be better, and at the same time they have a positive impact on their society in their various field of work.

The scheme believes that by celebrating, acknowledging and rewarding these extraordinary youth, it helps build a good platform by having a voice and gives opportunities to the new generational leaders’ while building a great attitude in the youth to strive for excellence.

By this awards scheme individual efforts to contribute positively to the economy on the continent by striving hard with dedication and perseverance by overcoming challenges and the unfavourable economy will be admonished.

The awards board consists of Kwame Owusu Danso and John Demelo.

The awarding board is seeking outstanding youth in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, professionals in the Public and Private sectors, Health, Governance, Non-profit sectors and will recognize their achievement in business inventions and innovations and community building.


YEA categories cover a wide range of sectors including; Leadership, Health, Education, Visual Arts, Journalism, Agriculture, Law, Sports, and Technology.


To recognize and celebrate youth leaders who professionally or personally have impacted on youth through outstanding leadership.

To identify projects and achievements spearhead by youth which has produced clear value and chalked success and has benefited society (particularly, the youth)?

It’s a platform that brings all hardworking youth together to network and build business relationships.

To encourage our upcoming youth that excellence and success can be achieved at tender age.


For any individual to be eligible for any category of the awards scheme, the following must be met:

The candidate must be an upcoming (this should be clearly defined) living and doing business in Ghana

Nominees with mutual submissions: nominees who have no advantage over those with one submission. In essence, the selection process will not depend on the number of nominations an individual receives.

Nominations can be anonymous and letters of recommendations are not required.
Nominees must still be a youth by event date (be between the ages of 18 and 40).
Must be a youth leader, Entrepreneur/CEO, Co-founder, or COO of a firm.
Ready to travel to any of the African countries


The brain behind the organization of Youth Excellence Awards is the Clique Empire, which has an enviable record of organizing spectacular and successful events, including, “Take it off pool Rave,” “YES – Today,” and the Youth Excellence Awards.

YEA Ghana will promote and celebrate Africa’s young change-makers, entrepreneurs, and youth leaders from all walks of life. YEA Ghana is a platform for global recognition of individuals as outstanding young achievers and youth leaders. Publication of winners in newspapers and blog sites across Ghana after the event.

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I did not cheat on 9ice – Ex-wife, Toni Payne Reveals



9ice’s ex wife, Toni Payne, has revealed that she did not cheat on 9ice, she has however, warned fans to stop coming to her social media page accusing her of cheating on her ex-husband, 9ice.

Toni Payne said this on her Instagram page after a video of 9ice cheating on his wife, Sunkanmi with another woman went viral

There were allegations sometime ago that the marriage between Payne and 9ice crashed because she was cheating on 9ice with Ruggedman.

However, the ex-wife took to her Instagram page on Saturday insisting that she never cheated while she was married to 9ice and cursed those hurling insults at her.

She warned fans to leave her out of the recent drama surrounding 9ice and let her leave her life, adding that she has moved on.

Toni Payne said: “One of the most annoying things I have to deal with is some random idiot coming on my page to accuse me of cheating on my ex, something that never happened. I don’t know how many times I have to say this.

”One of the most annoying things I have to deal woth is some random idiot coming to my page to accuse me of cheating on my ex… something that never happened. I dunno how many times I have to say that song wasn’t about me. I helped mix and master the darn song. I’m a smart woman, why would I help out on a song that would make me look bad?

Anyways, I cursed someone who came to my page with that nonsense and honestly, I do not feel bad. False accusations ae hurtful… I have moved on and they should too. Stop coming on my page about imaginary nonsense from 10 years ago. Let me enjoy my peaceful and wonderful lie without morbid reminders. Anyone who spreads lies about me or comes to harass me about something I did not do will NEVER know peace and favor. I say this from the deepest place of my heart. Free me, abeg.
It’s been 10 years, move on and stop accusing me of cheating on my ex-husband, 9ice. I don’t know why people keep coming to my page with this, I’ve moved on please leave me alone. The fact I have to deal with this 10 years later is annoying but please leave me out of this bullshit because I don’t want any part of this.”

This is coming after 9ice publicly apologised to his wife for cheating on her.

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Charly Boy’s Reactions To His Daughter, Dewy Oputa’s Allegations Of Him Being A Clout Chaser.



Charley Boy’s daughter, Dewy Oputa called her father out after he went online to reveal how he feels about her being gay. The Nigerian singer took to his twitter to express his feelings on how he felt when his daughter came out to him. He said he felt so many emotions but added that he loves her so much and he is “grateful for the experience of having a gay or lesbian child”.

Dewy, who had once slammed her father in 2018 when he took to Instagram to praise her for being bold after she came out publicly, left a comment on her father’s recent Instagram post, calling him a clout chaser and accused him of using her story for “follows”. Dewy accused her father of gaslighting and using her for clout after he went online to say he’s proud to have a lesbian daughter. She claimed he says one thing online just to be “father of the year” but offline he doesn’t care if she’s alive or not.
She wrote: “But just a few days ago… you know what never mind, we already did this in 2018. Imma let you post your lil content for your follows.”

Charley Boy responded, begging her and telling her how proud he is of her and how much he loves her, and wrote a long piece reacting to his daughter’s accusation.

In an Instagram post, he pointed out that being a parent is hard.He wrote: “Any Fool can have a child and call themselves a Parent. A real Parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs.”

In another post, he addressed his daughter’s criticisms and said it has opened his eyes and exposed him to the huge growing community of LGBTQ people in Nigeria. He went on to advise parents who have LGBTQ children to be more understanding.
He wrote: ”Urgent Info for Parents.Hummm, ogaooo.I swear Parenting is not an easy somethingoooo. Na me and my Baby, Dewy dey trend these days. Shey una see as my Princess dey tackle me. My post a few days ago, about my daughters right to her sexuality, opened my eyes and exposed me to the Huge growing community of LGTBQ’s in Nigeria. Ol boy, e shock me. I can’t lie. My People, as I wake yesterday I setup a hotline for young people who have challenges communicating with their parent/parents, who needed a listening ear. I was on the phone, from 9am till 11.45pm, recorded over a thousand calls before I lost count. I had to shut down, my ears don full. I heard stories dat made me teary eyed, the emotional trauma the LGTBQs community is going through amongst the numerous wahala we face in dis country.

Parents must understand that sometimes their child will probably not live the life they dreamed for them and this has nothing to do with being good parents or bad parents. Our influence and nurture for our kids it’s not more than 25%, 75% of their lives is under attack by external influences, social media, peer pressure, what they pickup in school, etc etc.
We should sometimes allow our children to unfold but not without guidance and laying good values, morals, believe in self and always encouraging them to be their authentic self, as they grow.

Our children have their own hang ups you must know., weather you feel they are childish, immature or fall short of your picture of them. They’ve struggles too and suffer from internal turmoil—don’t make them feel any worse. Imagine their internal struggle when these confusing feelings arise.
Our society is filled with hypocrisy, lesbianism/homosexuality started way before social media, predominantly in the north. Now, it in our churches, Nollywood, House of assembly, even in Aso Rock, it’s everywhere my People, and we must educate ourselves to have a better understanding of this phenomenon.

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