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I Was Tricked To Rwanda, Says ‘Genocide Hero’ Rusesabagina1 minute read



Paul Rusesabagina, who is facing 13 counts at a Rwanda court, has said he was tricked into Rwanda.

Rusesabagina, who was depicted in a Hollywood movie – ‘Hotel Rwanda’ – as a hero using his connections to save Tutsis during the Rwanda genocide of the 1990s, is facing 13 charges bordering on terrorism, complicity in murder and forming or joining an irregular armed group.

Speaking in an interview on Friday, the 66-year-old said he believed he was flying to Burundi at the invitation of a pastor but was instead lured to Rwanda and arrested on terrorism charges.

Rusesabagina, a prominent critic of President Paul Kagame, had been living in exile for over a decade. He accused Kagame of stifling political opposition.

The former hotel manager suddenly appeared in custody in Rwanda earlier this month, prompting accusations from his family that he had been kidnapped.

However, he said that he voluntarily boarded a private plane in Dubai that he believed was bound for Bujumbura, Burundi, where he had planned to speak to churches at the invitation of a local pastor.

Instead, he landed in Kigali, where he now faces 13 charges, including terrorism, complicity in murder and forming or joining an irregular armed group.

A spokesman for the prosecution on Wednesday said Rusesabagina faces a possible life sentence.

On Thursday, he was denied bail and will stay in jail for 30 days as the prosecution ends its investigations.


Statue Of Nigeria’s First President, Azikiwe, Set On Fire By Hoodlums



Hoodlums in Onitsha, Anambra, have destroyed the statue of Nigeria’s first president Dr. Nnami Azikiwe, erected in the city.

The hoodlums are suspected to be some of those who hijacked the #EndSARS protest to wreak havoc.

The statute, located at Denis Memorial Grammar School roundabout in Onitsha, was erected months ago by Gov. Willie Obiano to further beautify the city.

While vandalising the statue, the hoodlums, armed with dangerous weapons including machetes, were heard venting their anger against the late Nigerian statesman.

“You are the cause of our trouble,’’ was one of the uncomplimentary remarks the hoodlums chanted.

One of Azikiwe’s kinsmen, Mr Victor Ononye, described the incident as “heresy and sacrilegious’’.

He said Dr Azikiwe must be expressing regrets at the action as the deceased statesman was one of the architects of independent Nigeria.

“What happened at the DMGS Roundabout, Onitsha, which I saw with my own eyes, evoked tears,’’ he said.

He called the hoodlums, who hung a disused tyre on statue before dousing it with petrol and torching it, many unprintable names.

“They decapitated the hand and went away with his title staff. That is the height of ingratitude by ignorant people who know nothing about history,’’ he said.

Ononye said the hoodlums destroyed all the ornaments used in beautifying the site of the statue.

“They were few in number. Why the police, a stone throw away to the roundabout, could not intervene, was a mystery.

“All the iron bars erected round the site were removed. All the decorative lights and materials around the site were vandalised.

“I saw two vigilante men brandishing rifles and riding on a motorcycle. They stopped and the boys hailed them and they rode off.

“It is a pity! Zik of Africa; the sage, who facilitated the end of the Nigeria civil war; Zik who built Nigeria’s foremost University for excellence in the education, doesn’t deserve this,’’ he lamented.

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Nigeria’s Access Bank Announces N50Bln Interest-free Loans For Businesses



Following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with the hijacked #EndSARS protests that led to the looting and destruction of businesses that has thrown Nigerians and business owners into debts, Nigeria lender, Access Bank, has announced N50 billion in support of Nigerians through interest-free loans and grants.

The loans, the bank said in a statement on it’s official LinkedIn page, is targeted at supporting communities, the youths, and micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

According to the bank; “Now more than ever, we remain committed to our purpose of impacting lives positively. In light of the recent occurrences, we will be supporting Nigerian businesses with 50 Billion Naira interest-free loans and grants. Watch this space for more information.”

This show of support from Access Bank is expected to help alleviate and stimulate economic activities, as well as produce many positive multiplier effects on the economy.

As a way of supporting SMEs and the working class of the country following the recent damage of properties and livelihoods experienced across the nation, @myaccessbank has rolled out interest free loans of up to N50bn. The fund is expected to serve as a kickstart to these affected communities, people and businesses.

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Africa in 60

In case you missed it, here are the stories across Africa that made the headlines on Friday, October 23rd 2020, all in one minute.
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