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Kenya Student Kills Five Members of His Family, Says He Was Inspired By British Sitcom



A 22-year-old university student, Simon Warunge, has confessed to killing his parents and three more members of his family – including – in Kiambu County, Central Kenya.

Warunge, according to local reports, claimed he was influenced by the British comedy-drama spy thriller television series – Killing Eve.

Local media reports said the college undergrad killed his father, mother, two brothers and a worker with a kitchen knife on Tuesday.

His father had 34 stab wounds. He had reportedly broken his leg when he attempted to flee the massacre by jumping from the balcony of a storey building.

He said he had also searched online how to commit the murder the same way the main character in the movie psychopathic assassin Villanelle does without a trace.

“He says he searched the whole script online and he intended to conceal his tracks by even killing the remaining sisters,” said an investigator aware of the probe.

Lawrence told police that his parents were “satanic and killers” hence deserved to die.

Lawrence, 23, and an IT student at a local university, and his girlfriend Sarah Muthoni, were arrested over the incident and appeared in court on Monday.

After his arrest, investigators recovered the killer’s weapon – a kitchen knife, pieces of clothes, shoes, and a piece of paper as exhibits from a pit latrine where he had disposed them.

The university student claimed he committed the murder alone, but police are at a loss how he killed the five without resistance last Tuesday. Investigators say they believe there are other accomplices to the crime.

Police think at least five people are involved in the murder of Nicholas Njoroge Warunge, his wife Annie, sons Christian and Maxwell and a construction worker James Kinyanjui.

Plans are in progress to conduct an autopsy on the bodies on Monday to establish the victims’ cause of death.

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East Africa News

Mozambique Arrests Three Nigerians over Memberships of Cocaine Trafficking Network



The Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) have arrested three Nigerians, a South African and a local on suspicion of belonging to an international network of traffickers of cocaine.

The quintet were arrested in Maputo, Mozambique’s capital, following a complaint from the local population.

Maputo police spokesman Leonel Muchina said that the group was caught while “threatening” a Nigerian, who allegedly received eight kilograms of cocaine from Brazil, worth an estimated 18 million meticais, and destined for South Africa.

The alleged receiver reportedly tried to break the deal after receiving the contraband, prompting the international network to dispatch some members from Brazil to Maputo to recover the cocaine.

On arrival in Maputo, the group had offered a Mozambican 50,000 meticais – 28,000 meticais in advance and 22,000 after job completion – to identify the receiver’s place of residence.

Once the alleged receiver’s residence was located, the group visited and subjected him to torture, including the firing of a gun close to his ear.

The gunshot alerted neighbours who tipped off the police.

The police said one of the alleged drug traffickers who came to Mozambique to recover the drug confessed to his participation in the illegal operation but the alleged receiver of the drugs denied being part of the group, insisting he had never received any drugs.

The National Migration Service (SENAMI) revealed that the Nigerians involved in the case entered the country illegally and would be deported after prosecution.

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East Africa News

“We’re Out of Food And Stuck With An 18-month Old Baby” – Bobi Wine Cries Out

Bobi Wine has cried out to the world after being denied food and water in his house arrest. He has also revealed that an 18-month old baby is stuck with them in the house



Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), opposition candidate in the just concluded Ugandan Presidential election has revealed the precarious situation he’s in with his family.

Bobi Wine, who garnered 34.8% of electorates’ votes in the election, has been under house arrest alongside his wife, and an 18-year old kid, who is his wife’s niece.

The musician and parliamentarian had earlier rejected results of the election, citing discrepancies in votes tallying and rigging.

Bobi Wine has been denied every form of access from outside and his wife was prevented from getting food from the garden.

As it stands, Bobi Wine said they’ve run out of water and milk, and need urgent supplies as they are stuck in their home.

Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni has been criticised for his treatment of Bobi Wine pre-election and post-election, with the international community expressing their concerns at the violation of human rights.

The 38-year old Presidential candidate, his wife and some others have been held under a house arrest for six days now. The American Ambassador to Uganda made attempts to visit him on Monday but was turned back by soldiers at the entrance of his home.

The Ugandan Police have claimed they placed Wine under house arrest to prevent any form of chaos that may arise from his post-election reaction.

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East Africa News

Ex-Judge, Hamuth, Appointed to Lead Mauritius Oil Spill Probe



Mauritius has appointed Abdurraffeek Hamuth, a former judge, to lead an inquiry into the circumstances in which a Japanese-owned vessel, the Wakashio, entered its waters and spilled hundreds of tonnes of oil.

The MV Wakashio, owned by Nagashiki Shipping and chartered by Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL), ran aground on a coral reef off Mauritius on 25 July 2020. It was carrying 4,000 tonnes of oil before it split into two on 16 August.

Former Judge Hamuth and his assessors will investigate the cause and extent of the damage caused by the bulk carrier.

Testimonies at the inquiry are expected to reveal how the hull of the vessel cracked.

About 15 people have so far confirmed their participation, including opposition leader, Arvin Boolell, maritime safety expert and social activist, Bruneau Laurette, along with government officials and crew members.

Captain Sunil Kumar Nandeshwar and his assistant Hitihamillage Subodha Janendra Tilakaratna were arrested after the vessel sunk.

In September 2020, an expert witness told a court in Port Louis that the captain of the MV Wakashio, Nandeshwar, had been drinking before the accident.

According to the expert, the Voyage Data Recorder (VDR), which took an audio recording in the ship, confirmed suspicions of a birthday party a little more than an hour before the ship ran aground and that the Capt Sunil Kumar Nandeshwar, had consumed alcohol.

Capt Nandeshwar was also aware that the depth under the ship was decreasing considerably, the court heard.

The court heard that the ship’s voice recorder did not record any call with the Mauritius National Coast Guard.

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