Niger Delta Kids Now Aspire To Be Politicians As A Result Of Environmental Pollution

A Dutch Appeal Court has ordered Shell to pay compensation to Niger Delta farmers over the damage inflicted by oil leaks. News Central Breakfast spoke with environmental activist Nnimmo Bassey who revealed that he once visited Ogoni and quizzed the children swimming in the polluted water. He asked them why they were playing and dancing in the water, to which they responded that they had no alternative as that is the only river nature has provided for their recreation.

On further inquiry, he figured that only one out of the about 20 kids aspires to be a nurse. The rest said they want to be Politicians in the future because they perceive Politicians to be rich people who control everything. “This shows the extent of damage that the pollution has had on the psychology of the children of these communities so how do you compensate children who have never seen clean rivers and farmlands?”

In conclusion, Mr. Bassey said: “My personal belief is that the companies actually benefit from allowing the pollution to go on. Whenever there is pollution (whether it’s oil theft or sabotage), the oil companies have a duty to clean up the environment and for over 60 years, there is not one spill that has been properly cleaned up in the Niger Delta.”


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