Nigeria 2023: INEC Addresses Labour Party’s Call to Dismiss Chairman

INEC Responds to Labour Party's Call for Chairman's Dismissal over Presidential Election

The Labour Party recently held a press conference on Thursday, 13th July, where they called for the dismissal of Yakubu and a thorough examination of INEC‘s spending before, during, and after the election.

In response to the Labour Party’s demands, Rotimi Oyekanmi, the Chief Press Secretary to the INEC chairman, stated that their requests were not only illogical but also ridiculous.

Oyekanmi further pointed out the irony of a political party challenging the outcome of the presidential election in court, yet openly discussing the matter at a news conference. He emphasized that such actions were subjudiced.

He also highlighted that INEC had duly accredited both local and international election observers who adhered to specific rules and regulations. These observers were required to submit their reports to the commission, which may or may not contain recommendations. Oyekanmi stressed that it was not the role of any election observer to indict INEC, as their primary duty was to observe and make recommendations, if any.

In its official statement, INEC stated that it was beyond the Labour Party’s jurisdiction to demand the dismissal and prosecution of the INEC Chairman based on the election’s outcome, especially considering the party’s own participation in the election. Interestingly, despite contesting the election’s results, the Labour Party has managed to secure one state governor, eight senators, 35 House of Representatives members, and 38 members of state Houses of Assembly from the same 2023 general election.

INEC expressed surprise and concern that a political party engaged in litigation to challenge the presidential election’s outcome would openly advocate its grievances at press conferences, knowing that such actions were considered subjudiced.

INEC reminded the Labour Party that it is one of the 18 political parties registered and regulated by INEC in Nigeria. The commission advised the party to adhere to the rules and regulations governing the conduct of political parties and restrict itself to activities permitted within those boundaries.


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