Nigeria Becomes First Country to Use WHO COVID-19 Mobile App

In a bid to aid protection of lives and provide real-time information on COVID-19, the World Health Organisation has launched a mobile app which is now being used in Nigeria.

Revealing the landmark achievement, the NCDC said Nigeria is the first country in the world to use the app as it supported its development.

The app is expected help in the knowledge of symptoms of COVID-19, registration of locations for real-time notifications, knowledge of the latest news about the virus, the World Health Organisation and its partners.

The app is also expected to provide information for people about COVID-19 in their regions.

Some of the features of the app are; Myth Busters, Expert Opinions, COVID-19 News, Symptoms Check, Facts and Up-to-Date Info on the virus.

Nigeria has one of the highest number of COVID-19 cases in Africa and has the highest in the West African subregion. The country has recorded over 80,000 cases and has suffered more than 1,000 deaths.

A new strain of COVID-19 has also been discovered in Nigeria, with recent spikes in the number of cases causing the closure of some public spaces and restricted movements in some states.


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