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Nigerian-British Roller-Skater, Tinuke’s Orbit, Breaks Two Records in One Year



Nigerian-British Professional roller-skater, Tinuke Oyediran, better known as Tinuke’s Orbit, has broken the record for most cartwheels on roller skates in one minute with 30 and the most spins on e-skates in one minute with 70 in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2020.

A circus performer and skating teacher by trade, 27-year-old Tinuke set herself these challenges at the beginning of lockdown to pass the time and soon realised that her talents could be record worthy. 

As she progressed with her skills, Tinuke started pushing herself further and used her record attempts as a means of motivation at a time when she really needed some.

“Achieving both of these records has made my lockdown dreams a reality! For anyone who has struggled with lockdown like I did, setting yourself a challenge really can help you get through and I encourage everyone to just go for it,” Tinuke said.

“I never thought I would be standing here now with two Guinness World Records titles at the end of this year so I’m so pleased that the practice paid off.”

Tinuke describes her cartwheel record as “hardcore” due to the fact it relies on her having amazing upper body strength.  

She had to put her entire body weight PLUS another 5kg due to the weight of her skates onto one arm throughout her attempt to complete the cartwheel motion. 

To be able to do this she has had to practice once weekly. She can’t do any more than that, if she does it more often, it can cause pain and put a lot of strain on her muscles. 

The e-skate spins uses a whole different muscle group. 

Tinuke relies on her inner thighs to be able to do the 360 degree spin trick which leaves them feeling like they are on fire. 

In order to spin, she has to bring her legs together tightly and keep them there whilst pushing her toes forward on one foot and pushing back on her heel with the other.

Both records are a serious work out!

Tinuke started off her roller-skating career in a show called Starlight Express which she did in Germany for two years. 

She describes the show as “the most 80’s, glam rock musical on roller skates you have ever seen! It is fab” and this is where she was taught to roller skate – whilst covered in glitter, of course!

Afterwards, she returned to London and joined a group called Marawa’s Majorettes (also Guinness World Records title holders).

At Marawa’s Majorettes she started to hula hoop whilst roller skating at the same time!

Since then Tinuke has skated all over the world and teaches classes on roller skating and hula hooping.

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At the beginning of the new year, chances are you never thought 2020 will come with all its ups and downs but it did. Sojourning through a worldwide pandemic that hit families, businesses and affecting almost every facet of our lives. We sure weren’t expecting any of it.

Nonetheless, It’s the yuletide season and you probably are as confused as I am on how to celebrate in a year that perhaps kept taking. Here is a list of things you can do to make the best of the season and still have a memorable Christmas.

1. Get in the mood

You probably do not like decorations and do not feel like putting up Christmas trees, decorating, lighting up your home, buying Christmas cards and all that is cheesy, but it is not. Simply doing some Christmas shopping and decoration can put you in the right spirits and even lighten up the mood of your family members and loved ones. Everyone needs that little bit of sunshine.

2. Give

One of the things that characterizes Christmas is giving, this ‘COVID’ Christmas don’t forget to shop and give thoughtful gifts to your loved ones and those in need. More than any other time people need your gifts this period.

Some people that you should keep in mind are the visibly indigent, motherless children homes, those on the streets, your colleagues, staff, clients, home helpers and all those who have worked tirelessly through the year. It goes a long way

3. Make Special Memories

Chances are you had serious plans to travel the world this Christmas and make tons of memories. The good news is this, you still can make these memories from your home. Plan a get together (COVID compliant) and have your closest people around, cook new dishes, take great photos and make those memories.

4. Make money

With the pandemic came inflation and recession in many areas, so whilst you enjoy the yuletide do not relax completely. Seek out ways to make an income and make that schmoneyyy. Who knows what 2021 comes with? Hopefully great things

5. Count your blessings

Sit back, relax, take stock and recount the things you are grateful for. Make a list of at least 1-3 things you are grateful for and I am sure you would find even more than 3 things to be thankful for.

Have a happy ‘COVID’ Christmas.

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NC Debrief | Between Tradition And Gender-Based Violence In Africa



With the pandemic, there has been a spike in cases of gender-based violence and femicide. This is reflected in the number of reported cases in different parts of the continent. This episode of #NCDebrief Newscentral’s Tolulope Adeleru – Balogun, Youth Leader from Namibia, Bertha Tobias and Bongiwe Msomi from South Africa discussed the intersection between tradition and gender-based violence in Africa.

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Kelly Rowland Samples Afro Beat Musician Fela In Her Newly Released Single “Hitman”



Kelly Rowland has joined the list of international artistes to sample afrobeat sounds in their music. In recent times Africa has become the spice route for artists, musicians and people in the creative industry as they continue to buy into Afro inspired sounds, dress codes, dances etc. Over the years, artistes such as Ciara and Beyonce have made Africa their go to, Beyonce especially as she constantly infuses the ‘Mama Africa’ theme into her costumes as well as featuring African stars in her most recent “Black is King” album.

In Kelly’s new song “Hitman”, she samples beats from Nigerian Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s “follow follow” track. The song which is part of the NFL songs of the season project definitely excites her African audience.

The video for the Hitman track was also released on 20th November 2020 and does even more justice to the track as it infuses great colours, popular African hairstyles like Bantu knots, Afro and simple fluid moves.

With 2021 around the corner will more international artistes follow the trend and with it establish a global Afrobeat genre?

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