Over 200 Pelicans Die from Bird Flu in Mauritania

Days after more than 700 pelicans died in a UNESCO Heritage site in Senegal, the Mauritanian government on Saturday also reported the death of over 200 pelicans.

The mortality was recorded on Mauritania’s national park, situated on the border with northern Senegal.

Carcasses of the birds were found on the Diawling National Park’s protected wetlands, sitting on the delta of the River Senegal. The Park hosts more than 250 species of birds.

The Mauritanian government has since closed the park and ordered a suspension of tourism activities in the area.


Senegal had earlier in the month reported the death of chickens on a farm in the Thies region. The cause of the mortality was found to be the H5N1 virus, which primarily affects poultry.

While investigations are going on as to the link between both outbreaks, strong connections are yet to be discovered.

H5N1 is a virus that affects birds and with Mauritania’s death of more than 200 pelicans, it means almost 1,000 pelicans have died in January alone.


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