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Pilani Bubu to launch new album, “Folklore – Chapter 1”1 minute read

This full-length project was released in November last year.



South African soul singer Pilani Bubu is set to hold a launch party for her latest album “Folklore – Chapter 1” later today, 27 February. This event is set to take place at Untitled Basement in Johannesburg, South Africa.

At the launch today, Bubu will perform live with a full band featuring Luke van der Merwe, Bheka Mthethwa and many others.

“My approach has always been to perform my music for at least two years live before recording,” Bubu said. “It often grows and new ideas come in.

My band members are also involved in the making of the album,” she says.

Released in November 2019, “Folklore – Chapter 1” contains a total of 17 songs and features appearances from Lebo Mochudi, Billy Monama, and others. It is the follow up to her 8-track sophomore album, “Warrior of Light” which was released to good reviews in 2016.

“Folklore is the expressive body of culture shared among a people, captured through various art forms inclusive of traditional beliefs, customs, proverbs, sayings and tales passed on through generations by word of mouth.

“In this album series I want to treasure traditional folk music, giving it a more contemporary setting, renewed meaning and more context,” she revealed about the new album.

“Folklore – Chapter 1” was produced by a team of Bheka Mthethwa, Billy Monama, Robin Fernie while Troy Lilley handled the engineering.

The album is currently available on all major streaming platforms and physical copies would be sold at the event.

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Ethiopia’s Singer, Teddy Afro, Begs For Peace



Ethiopian songwriter and singer, Tewodros Kassahun, professionally known as Teddy Afro, has urged the government to prevent “inhumane acts of violence against civilians”.

Ethnic-related unrest continues to be a challenge for the government. Only last week at least 31 civilians were killed by unknown militants in southern Ethiopia.

“I would like to strongly urge the government to take precautionary measures against such attacks,” Teddy wrote in a Facebook post.

Teddy enjoys an almost cult-like following in Ethiopia.

He is no stranger to controversy though. He raised the ire of the authorities in 2005 when he released an album that was seen as critical of the authorities in the wake of disputed elections.

His music was the anthem of the anti-government protesters.

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Somaliland to Deport TikTok Star over Somali Flag



A court in the self-declared republic of Somaliland has ordered the deportation to Somalia of a popular social media star after a video was released of him drinking tea from a cup which was decorated with the image of the Somali flag.

Bilal Bulshawi, who is known by Somalis as “the president of TikTok”, has been in detention for nearly two months in Hargeisa.

Somaliland, which broke away from Somalia nearly 30 years ago, has punished others for displaying the Somali flag.

In 2015, members of a popular band were arrested on return to Somaliland after they waved the Somali flag at a concert in Mogadishu.

Bulshawi release and deportation comes after Somaliland’s Minister of Interior, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, said he had accepted requests for his freedom.

Some people who attended a ceremony in Hargeisa where former Somali fighter pilot Ahmed Mohamed Hassan (Ahmed Dheere), who refused to bomb the capital was awarded a medal, demanded the release of Bulshawi.

Speaking at the event, the interior minister said he had accepted the requests and would take action in releasing Bulshawi.

Bilal Bulshawi’s family has previously called on the Somaliland authorities to release their son.

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“I may not run for office but I’ll join a political party that aligns with my values”- Diary Of A Naija Girl

Samagbeyi afolasade



Brand cinematic story teller, Ife, popularly known as Diary of a Naija girl has revealed her utmost displeasure to the system of governance in Nigeria stating categorically things she would do and things she would not do after the president’s address on Thursday night.

“Last night, I chose to calm my spirit and sleep early. This was after I had cried in frustration in the shower. I’m up now and after a deep soul search, I have made the following decisions: I may not run for office but I’ll join a political party that aligns with my values. I will take it as my sole duty to encourage youths to join a political party that aligns with their values. I will make it my sole duty to encourage youths to get their voters card and vote. I will spend my resources to support youths who have the right values to get involved in the governance of this country.”

Here’s what I will not do:I will no longer spend one more moment of my energy, emotions and time feeling bad or angry at this government .Even though I’ve lost faith in the government, I have faith in myself and my capabilities because I know that when I set my mind to something, I’m unstoppable, no matter the challenges.

For now, I’ll go back to my business to regain the time I’ve lost while enveloped in the #Endsars movement. I hope that in your own time, you’ll join me in this resolve to make REAL change happen in Nigeria by starting with yourself and participating in your little way because it truly does start with us. And because enough is enough! No more wallowing in defeat and/or self-pity, A LOT IS AT STAKE. May the souls of those we’ve lost in this fight, rest in peace. Amin.

Ife ‘s hope of a new era seem to have been dashed. Few days ago, DANG made it known how optimistic she was that change had truly begun. In her exact words, I was moved to tears by the unity amongst us, the real pain in people’s eyes and the desperate hope in their voices. This is happening, we may have reached the peak of “anyhowness” from our Govt. I think change has begun”

However after the President’s speech, she lost hope against hope.
“Did you watch the President’s speech?I watched it and heard him pay tribute to fallen policemen but didn’t hear him mention anything about the #LekkitollgateMassacre .Or was there a point he did this and maybe I was distracted? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I was at that protest almost every day and on Tuesday as well. It could have been me that was shot dead and this is how everyone will act helpless, just the way I feel helpless now. This means those people too who were killed, that’s it. They’re gone and that’s it?” The content creator said disappointed.

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