Poe: All You Need to Know About the AI Chatbot Shop

Poe: All You Need to Know About the AI Chatbot Shop (News Central TV)

Poe, the new AI chatbot application from Q&A website Quora, has recently been made available to the general public. It allows users to ask questions and receive responses from a variety of AI chatbots, including those from ChatGPT’s creator, OpenAI, and other businesses like Anthropic.

Poe: All You Need to Know About the AI Chatbot Shop (News Central TV)

According to the firm, Poe’s material will eventually aid in the evolution of Quora itself, in addition to enabling users to play with cutting-edge AI technologies. On the App Store, the app is a free download with no in-app purchases. Poe’s mobile app was first introduced by Quora in December, although at the time, it was invite-only. With the app’s recent public debut, anyone can now use it. Currently, it’s just accessible to iOS users, but Quora claims that in a few months, it will also be available on other platforms.

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The business noted in a statement that given how swiftly AI is evolving at the moment, it chose to launch Poe as a stand-alone product apart from Quora. There will be some linkages between Poe and the Q&A website, though. Poe’s work will be shared on Quora itself, where it can potentially reach the site’s 400 million monthly visitors, if and when it satisfies a high enough quality level, the business said.

Poe: All You Need to Know About the AI Chatbot Shop (News Central TV)

Users using iOS devices must register for a Poe account, which stands for “Platform for Open Exploration,” and verify it with a phone number and email address. They can then choose from three distinct AI chatbots – Sage, Claude, and Dragonfly.

OpenAI powers Sage and Dragonfly, while Anthropic technology powers Claude. Each currently has its own constraints. For instance, Dragonfly might decline to answer some queries, while Sage and Claude might not be aware of what happens beyond 2021. All three of them have a history of making false claims, which is another reason why Quora is delaying the integration of Poe into its platform.

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Poe includes some social components in addition to an easy way to ask questions of the AI bots. You can create a profile and follow others using the app.

Users can choose to publish model output on their profiles, making it available to their followers. The best examples will also be made available to all Poe users via the app’s feed, where others can like or re-post the chatbot Q&A session. You can navigate the feed in the same way you would navigate Stories in other social apps, by tapping on the side of the screen to advance or return to the previous post. Poe also provides buttons within each chatbot that allow you to see what others have shared.

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