Pope Francis Sends Prayers to Morocco, Libya Over Disasters

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Pope Francis has sent prayers to the victims of the devastating earthquake in Morocco and to Libya following the aftermath of Storm Daniel which has left thousands dead.

The Pope made special prayers on Wednesday after a 6.8-magnitude earthquake ripped apart the Al Haouz region of the African country of Morocco on Friday night.

Libya has been overwhelmed with floods from torrential rainfall with over 5,000 people reported dead and more missing, especially in the northern coastal city of Derna.

According to the Vatican News report, the Pope expressed hopes that God would strengthen both countries to “recover after this terrible ‘ambush’ they have endured.”

“My thoughts are with the people of Libya hit hard by violent rains that caused flooding and inundation, causing numerous deaths and injuries as well as extensive damage.”

“My thoughts go out to the noble Moroccan people who have suffered these earthquakes. Let us pray for Morocco, let us pray for the inhabitants that the Lord will give them the strength to recover after this terrible ‘ambush’ they have been through.”

Criticism has arisen within Morocco regarding the swiftness of the official response to Friday’s earthquake, which has tragically claimed the lives of over 2,800 individuals.

Morocco earthquake destroys villages (News Central TV)
Morocco 6.8-magnitude earthquake destroys villages

While heavy lifting equipment has now started to reach the remote regions nestled within the Atlas Mountains, which have suffered the most, many local villagers have taken it upon themselves to tirelessly sift through the debris of collapsed homes.

Pope Francis sent prayers to Morocco as the destructive impact of the earthquake also spread across Quarzazate, Taroudant, Chichaou, and other regions.

Libya, on the other hand, is racing to bury its dead while bodies litter the streets of Derna, the city’s Mayor Abdulmenam al-Ghaithi told Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television.

Libya floods destroys homes (News Central TV)
Libya floods destroy homes

He said the estimated number of deaths in the city could reach between 18,000 to 20,000 based on the number of districts devastated by the flood.

The death toll rose to over 6,000 people as of Wednesday morning local time, according to, health ministry undersecretary of the Unity Government in Tripoli, Saadeddin Abdul Wakil, one of two rival governments operating in the country.


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