Renaissance Dam: UN Security Council Meets Next Week

As Ethiopia finalises plans to fill the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)for the second time some months’ time, without Sudan and Egypt in the loop, the UN Security Council will meet next week to iron the issues out.

The 70bn cubic-metre dam constructed on the Blue Nile by Ethiopia threatens the water supplies to Sudan and Egypt where the water body courses through.

Last month, Arab states asked the council to meet and help settle the growing discord between Ethiopia and the two countries over agreement on the filling of the GERD.

French UN Ambassador, Nicolas de Riviere who is the head of the 15-member council for July said they have spoken with the concerned nations and there’s not much that can be done.

Ethiopia, which places its economic and power generation hopes on the dam, has often shown disinterest in any talk outside the premise of the African Union. Invited on many occasions by the UN to discuss, the Ethiopian government has rebuffed foreign interference so far.

Egypt’s concern is based on the reduction to its fresh water supply as the Blue Nile gives 90% of its supply. Sudan’s main concern is the threat to its water stations and other dams on the Nile.

This week, Ethiopian Prime Minister ordered a unilateral ceasefire in Tigray where they had fought against the TPLF for more than eight months. He said the decision was to allow soldiers prepare for other issues as the GERD, which many fear may snowball into a violent situation if mishandled.


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