Shakahola Forest: Nine Additional Bodies Unearthed, Raising Count to 251

Shakahola Forest (News Central TV)

Security operatives in Kenya have unearthed nine more bodies from the Shakahola forest within the Chakama ranch bringing the total of those recovered to 252.

The discovery follows the third phase of the exercise today after the search was extended to the 37,000 more acres of the ranch.

Shakahola Forest  (News Central TV)
Location at Shakahola forest

Meanwhile, Pastor Paul Mackenzie, his wife and other suspects are due back in court where a ruling on whether they can be detained for 60- days will be delivered.

 As part of a comprehensive initiative to facilitate systematic and scientific search and rescue operations for the victims of the Shakahola starvation cult, as well as the identification of graves, the government plans to establish security routes in every 100 acres of the Chakama Ranch.


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