Three Men Charged in South Africa for Racist Attack in Swimming Pool

Three Men Charged in South Africa for Racist Attack in Swimming Pool (News Central TV)

In South Africa, three white males have been accused with crimes including attempted murder following an alleged racist attack on two Black youths that has outraged the nation.

The assault on the Black youths who were using the pool at the Maselspoort resort in the Free State province was caught on camera by the guys.

The males were attempting to keep the teenagers out of the pool by saying that it was just for white people.

The males yelled at the youngsters and struck them in the video, which received a lot of attention on South African social media. One of the males propelled a boy into the sea.

More surveillance video reveals the males attempting to keep the kids out of the pool and the white kids who were swimming at the time leaving the pool as soon as the Black kids got in.

According to the police, Johan Nel, 33, and Jan Stephanus van der Westhuizen, 47, were given a warning before being released, and they are scheduled to return to court the following year.

“The two appeared in court on charges of assault common and crimen injuria and the matter was postponed to 25 January 2023 while being released on warning,” said Police Commissioner Baile Motswenyane.

On Thursday, numerous political parties and organizations held demonstrations outside the courtroom in anticipation of the third suspect’s court appearance. Many people have denounced the act, including President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“As Black and white South Africans, we should be united in condemning all manifestations of racism and attempts to explain or defend such crimes. Racism is not a problem to be fought by Black South Africans only,” Ramaphosa said in a statement.

The management of the resort was confronted by members of the left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters party who claimed there was no racial segregation policy at the resort.

Nearly 30 years after South Africa’s transition from apartheid, or white minority rule, to democracy, racism is still a contentious topic there.

Vicky Momberg, a real estate agent, was given a three-year prison term in 2018 after hurling racial epithets at a Black police officer. This was the first time a person had been sentenced to prison for committing a racist crime.

After uttering racial obscenities in a social media video, white man Adam Catzavelos was found guilty of crimen injuria in 2020 and given a suspended sentence.


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