Tribute to the True Nigeria

Tribute to Nigeria

I woke up this morning with a feeling of nostalgia. Musing on the subject – Nigeria at 60! I remember my childhood and the time this nation was so prosperous and the envy of many nations.

When in a whim one could jet off to New York for a weekend like its just in their backyard for just a meagre sum and visa was not a problem.

When all what we had for happy viewing was black and white tellies in a few homes. It was pure joy to play host to other children in the neighborhood who were content to just sit on the floor whilst others would just watch from the windows.

The outsides were safe and we could play all day long without fear of being kidnapped, stolen or nabbed for rituals nor parts harvested for some other enterprise!

Oh! How I long for those days when it was safe to sit in front of my father’s house waiting after school for my parents to come home in the evenings without fear of molestations.

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I remember when the public taps were flowing and we could just from school go for a refreshing drink of pure water. No sachet water or funny looking bottled water.

Life was simple, the air truly free. Nigeria was in the midst of abundance.

Then it was ’77’ and Nigeria rather than give praise to God who transited her from the hands of her colonial masters through the civil war into prosperity of the oil boom, imported other gods from other nations; bowed down, and worshipped them to her shame!

Now with her creme de la creme exiled and scattered all over the world, she is like a widow in mourning.
Many nights have passed over you and you have endured the shame of the seasons of your desolations from neighbours who once suckled from the milk of your compassion.

You have watched, helpless, as many of your children are slaughtered before you like Rachel in Ramah. Deserted by your lovers, you weep, hoping that the mouths you once fed would come to your rescue but in truth they mock you .

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Is there no Balm in Gilead? Is there no help for my beloved country? Is there no ray of hope for this beautiful and magnanimous woman?

Never have I seen a people so resilient, so generous, so humane! A people so full of love with every fibre of their being, wreaking of love and beauty even in their worst of seasons! Never mind the differing tribal tongues, terrains nor attires, these, make us who we are. Naija!

Nigeria, my lioness! Never seen a nation state so regal. In her worst season standing tall, in the night, eyes shiny like polished emerald.
Naija! A brand, a flow, a swag and a strong breed!
I am proud to be hewn from your loins. You may have been darkened by the hot sun of your seasons of wilderness, bloodied by meaningless wars and covered in dust by shame, but I see a new you emerging from the ashes and dusts of seasons past.
I see a healed green land flowing yet again with milk and honey. I see you, my Nigeria, looking expectantly up to your maker. I see an end to the night and a new beginning so bright!

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Nigeria my Nigeria! I hail thee!
Proudly Green white Green – Mirabel Nwaokolo.
Happy 60th anniversary Nigeria and Long may you live!

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