UK Government Commits £4 Million for AI Carbon Emission Reduction

Twelve green AI projects will each receive a share of £1 million to help reduce carbon emissions and increase the production of renewable energy, which will help the nation meet its ambitious net zero goal by 2050.

The initiatives range from improving solar energy, which makes better use of AI to forecast when it will produce the most energy for the grid, to decarbonizing dairy farming by using AI robots to monitor crop and soil health.

Additionally, the government will contribute an additional £2.25 million to support additional AI developments that will reduce emissions, particularly in the energy sector.

This is a component of the government’s $1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio and firmly establishes the UK as a leader in artificial intelligence and decarbonization.

Lord Callanan, the minister for energy efficiency and green finance, declared that the United States is unquestionably at the top of the world when it comes to advanced AI and our record of decarbonization. Because of our unique position, we must now push the limits of how this technology can benefit our rapidly expanding clean energy sector.

UK Government Commits £4 Million for AI Carbon Emission Reduction (News Central TV)

Projects like the ones announced today will take us one step closer to our ambitious goal of becoming net-zero, while also improving our energy security and creating a new wave of skilled jobs for the future.”

ClimateTech expert and HeavyFinance CEO Laimonas Noreika stated, “AI is set to play a critical role in addressing the climate change crisis, but far too many firms lack the funding and support to fully embrace it.”

“The government’s new investment is a step in the right direction, and it will play a critical role in assisting industries such as energy, transportation, and agriculture in making the most of the latest technology to decarbonize and go green.”

To establish the UK’s first Centre for Excellence on AI Innovation for Decarbonization (ADVICE), the government’s Digital Catapult agency, which is part of Innovate UK and helps businesses advance their ideas, has been awarded up to £500,000.

The government invites energy firms, software developers, and innovators to apply for funding under its AI for Decarbonisation Programme until October 10, 2023.


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