University of Zimbabwe Students Protest Exorbitant Fees

University of Zimbabwe Students Protest Exorbitant Fees (News Central TV)

University of Zimbabwe, UZ, students protested against recent fee hikes on Monday evening, calling them ‘exorbitant’.

The institution increased its tuition from around $ 40 870 to $51 088, with some faculties requiring students to spend $ 60 000.

Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) Legal SecretaryBoris Muguti said; “Cognisant of the prevailing economic conditions in our country and the average income of any random parent, these fees are astronomical.

“We call on the government to subsidise tertiary education, to cover part of the expenses that are needed at University since they cite financial constraints, every time we ask for students grants.”

“Students are rejecting such exorbitant and unreasonable amounts and are calling for reduction in fees.”

“Many students are deferring their studies because their parents and guardians are failing to pay such high tuition fees and if they continue to increase fees, more and more students will fail to raise fees and opt to defer or drop out,” UZ students’ association president Lennox Machoko said.

The UZ management yesterday met the students’ representative council over the tuition fees.


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