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Utomi Dispels 2027 Merger Talks for Opposition Parties

Pat Utomi News Central TV

Renowned Economist and leader of the National Consultative Front (NCFront), Professor Pat Utomi, has vehemently denied reports of ongoing talks about the merger of opposition political parties.

Utomi addressed this issue during an appearance on News Central’s Breakfast Central show, dismissing the narrative as entirely inaccurate and attributing it to media misrepresentation.

According to Utomi, “I think the narrative is completely wrong. It is pushed by the media, and I don’t understand why.” He clarified further, “First of all, we are not talking merger, and we are not talking 2027.”

Utomi criticised the prevalent trend among politicians who frequently switch political parties for personal advantage, emphasising that they often fail to put the masses in the critical loop of decision-making. 

“The first thing that we are dealing with is to create a set of ideas about how society should be organised. When we agree on these ideas for the betterment of society, then we agree on values,” he explained.

Only after reaching this consensus, according to Utomi, will the parties consider national strategy, corporate strategy, and other pertinent factors.

Highlighting the significance of a unified mindset, Utomi pointed to the ADC, the labour movement (outside of the labour party), and other social movements as contributors to improving governance.

He criticised the ruling APC for extravagance and misgovernance but clarified that the ongoing reorganisation efforts are not geared towards the 2027 elections.

Utomi emphasised the existence of fresh ideas but noted that individuals with conflicting values often find ways to hijack such ideas. He reiterated the need to establish institutional boundaries to prevent individuals from viewing political parties as avenues for seizing power.

Regarding preparations for the 2027 elections, Utomi stated, “There were no elections in 2023, but there was a civilian coup d’etat. We have to have stronger institutions, but unfortunately, we have allowed politicians to destroy them.”

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